2016 ShivYog Event Gallery

In July 2016, internationally known ShivYog teacher and healer, Ishan Shivanand Ji, visited Vital Energy Wellness & Rehab to discuss the Effects of ShivYog modalities and energy medicine, as well as host a meditation session. To learn more about ShivYog or Ishan Shivanand Ji, please visit the ShivYog website. For more information on our energy medicine services, please visit our Integrative Services Page.
Using Integrative Therapy in Rehab
Q1: Explain the power of meditation.
Q2: How can we focus on the present?
Q3: What's the importance of a guru?
Q4: Sense of Humor
Q5: Protecting children from lies
Q6: Why is gratitude so important?
Q7: Who controls your happiness?
Q8: Ask for more or for acceptance?
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