Aqua Therapy Services

At our facilities, hydrotherapy performed in our HydroWorx Pool (with underwater treadmill) utilizes the principle of buoyancy to support the weight of the patient and provide low impact exercise.  If you follow this link you will be able taken to the HydroWorx blog website.

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Our Pool Features Include:

Underwater Treadmill

Patients can enjoy low-impact walking, running, exercise and rehabilitation without the pounding and pain of land-based training. Where land-based exercise would prove difficult for some patients, using the underwater treadmill helps to increase strength, cardiovascular performance, and activity tolerance without the pain. 

Specialized Massage Hoses

Our therapists have the ability to target pain areas and apply pressure using specialized massage hoses that attach directly to the jets. Targeting these specific areas helps relieve muscle tightness or restriction and the pulsating massage hose decreases tissue adhesions and alleviates pain.

Resistance for Strengthening & Toning

Resistance of the water allows for less pressure on your joints, increasing your range of motion and decreasing pain & swelling. Reversely walking or swimming against the jets allows the patient to strengthen and add muscle tone with less pressure.