Prehab and Rehab for Bariatric Surgery

Our approach includes our state-of-the-art facility equipped and designed for the exercise needs of weight-loss patients and patients preparing for bariatric surgery. After an initial consultation with a therapist, our patients receive an individualized plan of care which will incorporate aquatic and land-based exercises to improve function, strength, aerobic activity, and flexibility. Our staff can also offer a home exercise program, nutritional guidance, and refer you to valuable resources to boost your new diet and healthy lifestyle. 

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The Effectiveness of Prehab

According to studies, the effects of exercise pays off for those preparing for surgery. For some bariatric surgery candidates, a prehab regimen is often required by their surgeon in order to get down to a certain weight in addition to stabilizing their level of function and pain prior to surgery.


Addtionally, patients who are more fit prior to surgery may have shorter hospital stays, and the improved strength that patients gain from prehab can help them achieve post-op milestones in less time. Not only will a prehab regimen prepare bariatric patients mentally for surgery, it will help them maintain their healthy lifestyle after surgery.

Why Vital Energy for Bariatric Surgery Prehab/Rehab?

At Vital Energy, our specialized therapy Hydroworx (c) pool makes shedding pounds easier than most land-based regimens due to the patient's increased buoyancy in water. Patients can enjoy low-impact walking, running, exercise and rehabilitation without the pounding and pain of land-based training. Where land-based exercise would prove difficult for some patients, using the underwater treadmill helps to increase strength, cardiovascular performance, and activity tolerance without the pain.


Especially for patients trying to hit their weight loss goal prior to bariatric surgery, aquatic therapy may be the only pain free option. The resistance of the water allows for less pressure on your joints, increasing your range of motion and decreasing pain & swelling. Reversely walking or swimming against the jets also allows the patient to strengthen and shed more pounds but with less pressure.

Positive Outcomes Associated with Weight Loss and/or Bariatric Surgery

  • Improved self-image and self-confidence

  • Prevention of possible life-threatening health conditions

  • Improved joint pain and joint health

  • Reduced risk of heart disease

  • Reduced risk of sleep apnea and improved sleep

  • Reduced risk of high blood pressure and diabetes