Don't forget to attend our Weekly Meditation!

Admission is FREE and you are even welcome to bring a friend - or three! We simply ask that you RSVP to 803-359-1551. If a session is ever cancelled, then we will know to inform you. We will also post here on our News & Events page as well as our Facebook page.

Alternative & Traditional Therapy for Breast Cancer Rehab

Hima speaks at YSC Meeting on alternative/hollistic treatment techniques for breast cancer patients and survivors. It was such a wonderful time and great so see so many smiling faces despite the challenges they may have! Thanks so much to the YSC for having us! Hima getting her nails painted pink to support breast cancer survivors.

Trauma & the Special Needs Child

3:15pm - 4:30pm Cardinal Newman Register today for Hima's session at the 2015 Family Connection's Annual Hopes and Dreams Conference. It is titled: Trauma & How it Affects the Special Needs Child. Open to everyone, including parents and healthcare professionals.

Take 5! LMC Heart Fair

The power of breath to heal is often overlooked. For centuries, deep breathing has been proven to promote healing within the body. It is often associated with the art of meditation and has been scientifically proven and accepted in modern medicine. The art of meditation is powerful but easy to learn and practice. The process of inward attention which allows oneself to explore one’s level of consciousness is called meditation. Yoga breath, also known as pranayama, when combined with meditation will promote deep relaxation and inner peace as well as harmony in one’s cellular and endocrine systems, and in turn, promote inner healing. This will build internal strength and stamina on a mental, ph

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