Meditation offers many benefits such as improved sleep, increasing awareness of yourself, increasing your vital energy life force, increasing inner awareness and improving the power of inner awareness and connection to achieve ultimate happiness, and acceptance and forgiveness of yourself and others unconditionally.  Hima Dalal, Integrative Occupational Therapist, found and president of Vital Energy Wellness and Rehab Center offers guided meditation, free and open to the public, ever other Wednesday at our Lexington office.

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Who instructs Meditation at Vital Energy?

Hima Dalal, owner and founder of Vital Energy is an Occupational Therapist, Integrative Therapy Practitioner, Shivyog Cosmic Energy Science Practicioner, Reiki Grand Master, C.S.T, and Crystal Myofascial Release Technique inventor.   With over twenty years of practice as an Occupational Therapist, she has integrated Holistic Treatments with traditional therapy with great success.  

Hima is involved in the healthcare community and strives to help all patients, including those with chronic pain issues, by not only offering therapy but also by offering meditation and chronic pain meetings.  These meditation sessions as free to the community and are held at both Vital Energy locations, one in Lexington and one in Columbia.

sports injury rehab
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Who would benefit from Meditation?

Anyone and everyone can benefits from meditation.  Whether it is simply a time for relaxtion or used to compliment other treatments.

What does meditation offer?

Meditation offered by Hima Dalal will give you the opportunity to experience peace, silence and ultimate happiness.  You will connect to your inner self which will increase awareness of yourself and give you the power of acceptance, forgivenss and unconditional love for all fellow human beings and the natural environment.

The benefits of meditation are too numerous to count and can include improved sleep patterns, depression/anxiety/stress relief, improved focus and memory and provides an improved outlook on life in general.  

Peace, Harmony and Wellness Day

On January 6, 2017, Hima Dalal, owner and founder of Vital Energy Wellness and Rehab Center, together with Jacqueline Buck, Executive Director of Keep The Midlands Beautiful, started the initiative to give the opportunity to all citizens of South Carolina to come together and experience the Power of Oneness Meditation.  

Meditation was offered by Mrs. Hima Dalal and gave the opportunity to experience peace, silence and ultimate happiness.  Those that joined us were able to connect to their inner self which increased awareness of oneself and will gave the power of acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love for all fellow human beings as well as the natural environment.  This initiative will not only bring human health to empower one's self with ultimate peace, harmony and wellness through the power of meditation, but it will also create positive vibrations in the environment. 

Please follow the links below for more information and photos of the event:

Hima Dalal leading Meditation at the SC State House
Guests meditating at the SC State House
Opening statements prior to the meditation event at the SC State House.
Hima Dalal & Jaqueline Buck