Hima has made life for my daughter better. Her services and ease of making of appointments helped us greatly!

The services have been bery good. I have seen and felt a difference!

For a child, this has been a positive, non-threatening experience. He liked working with the therapists because they're calm and gentle.

Everyone was friendly and very attentive to my comfort or if I was having any pain during my PT.

I couldn't have asked for better treatment any place else. Excellent service from everyone from the time I called and walked in the door and left!

I am very likely to recommend -

I already have!

Rosemarie Craig Testimonial - August 202
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Patient Testimonial - Nelya

My daughter has received occupational and physical therapy for the last 16 years.  We have taken her to the best of the best therapists in America, Europe and The Caribbean.  Recently, she completed two intensive Vital Energy Medical sessions lasting one week and two weeks respectfully, with Hima Dalal.  It entailed up to 3 to 4 hours of therapy per day with crystal energy, myofascial release, respiratory capacity, manual manipulation and stretching, muscle energy, acupressure and trigger points and more.  All these traditional therapies combined with energy healing helped my daughter achieve more in one month than she had with any other therapy!!

~Karen Stary, "mom and occupational therapist"

To watch Hima interview Neyla, please click on the picture to the left.  Nelya is an athlete who has competed in the Parapan American Games, bringing home the silver for the S7 50m Butterfly in the 2015 games in Toronto, ON, Canada.  For more information on Nelya, please visit

Nelya, Hima & Karen

“Everyone at Vital Energy is so friendly, caring and supportive.  I just can’t say enough good about Hima Dalal and her staff"
“You feel like they know you and you feel like they really care. I think that they have really innovative techniques and different ideas, very holistic treatments and approaches to therapy, which I think is good."
“Hima Dalal  is down to Earth, and very knowledgeable.  She has a lot of different methods that she uses, such as meditation and water therapy.  She is really great, there is nothing bad I could say about her.  She does things for your body, spirit, and mind. Her staff is very friendly."
“For the first time in many years I have hope for release from pain and for regaining more normal mobility and strength. 
In addition to the professionalism of each person on the staff, there is a genuine interest in each patient."
"In June, 2015 after a horse fall, I was told by an orthopedic physician, “I do 5-6 surgeries a week on necks that look better than this.” For forty years, I have had pinched and compressed nerves in my neck with subsequent major arthritic changes. Unfortunately, this led to chronic pain with nerve radiation and pain down both hands. My pain level varied from 1 – 6, depending on the weather and my activities.
I first learned about Crystal Myofascial Release Treatment from research results indicating significant decreases in pain level in patients with chronic pain. With a physician order for occupational therapy, I started Crystal Therapy & Myofascial Release under Hima Dalal, Occupational therapist, MFR, CST, Reiki, Grand Master. I also received heat therapy, cervical mechanical traction, and was taught exercises to increase neck movement.
Today, after 19 treatments, I have significant improvements! Specifically, my neck ranges of motion have significantly increased in three months on both sides. I have decreased rounding of my shoulders, my headaches have been eliminated, my neck feels “free,” instead of tight and constricted, and I can work at the computer for longer periods of time. I have been able to return to my Pilates exercise, pain free. My level of pain is now zero. Crystal Myofascial Release Treatment always made me feel relaxed, and as a nurse researcher, I strongly recommend it to others with chronic pain issues."
Sally P Weinrich, PhD, RN, FAAN, Clinical Professor, Hahn School of Nursing, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA & Retired Researcher, College of Nursing, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
"Where do I begin,
Two years ago this March, I woke up with such severe vertigo I couldn't stand up. My internist prescribed meds, meds, and more meds to keep me upright and barely functioning. My sinuses became very dried out. After nine ENTs that diagnosed meniere's disease, then acid reflux, my body became very toxic. These meds caused blood pressure problems and many infections. A CT scan showed 25% blockage in my facial sinuses that three weeks of strong antibiotics would not fix. Surgery corrected this problem but the antibiotics caused another problem--cystitis and a tumor. The pain and spasms were debilitating. Again my body was toxic. So, after two surgeries, I found myself with the original problem--an ear, lymph glands in my neck that hadn't drained in about two years and severe pelvic spasms. One final ENT told me there was nothing he could do to relieve the ear pain. A neurologist wanted to put me on some meds that had very severe side effects. At this point, I was diagnosed with TMJ problems. I began to see a chiropractor--the TMJ and pain got worse. I found an OT that did cranial sacral massage, then a PT that worked on the muscles in my neck. All the time my body was still toxic. 

Two months ago I walked into Vital Energy with a body that was so sick and toxic I was not doing many daily functions. This is where I found Hima and her staff. She immediately gave me hope of getting better, and told me she could help me. I could barely chew, had severe pain in my face, jaw, ear and neck. In two months my ear, and lymph glands are draining. My body is no longer toxic and I am have reached about 60% of my goal--to be pain free and off all meds. 
The "lady with the magical hands" I can't say enough good things about. Every Tuesday we have a free clinic for meditational healing and positive thinking. She says our bodies will heal if we relieve the stress and give it what it needs. I am finally getting my life back. 
More to come later as I progress on this journey with Hima and Vital Energy."
Carolyn Zimmer