It's National Senior Health & Fitness Day!

Small daily choices can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. Scott Wilbert, PT here at Vital Energy, has some tips on how all of our patients, especially our senior patients, can stay both mentally and physically fit with just a few small changes!

  • Stretch it out. Daily stretching helps to prevent night cramps and alleviate some minor aches that you might be feeling.

  • Play some brain games. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku and other "brain games" aid in memory! Knocking out a couple of word searches or puzzles every day is a small fix that goes a long way.

  • Hydrate! As simple as it may seem, drinking water is one of the best (and easiest) ways to stay fit. Not only does your body crave water, drinking eight cups of day is sure to give you a huge boost of energy.

  • Read up on current events. While television, the Internet, and social media continue to provide breaking news faster, picking up a newspaper every day never hurt anyone! Reading the paper ever morning is also great for memory retention.

Do you already incorporate most of these activities into your daily routine? Have any other suggestions that have helped you stay fit? Let us know in the comments below!

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