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Welcome to our video gallery where we have compiled many of our patient testimonials and interviews. All of these patients have agreed to share their story in hopes that it may help someone else with the same diagnosis find recovery and relief by seeking treatment at Vital Energy. We also have included different media appearances made by Hima as well as any important events. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to use the Contact page to send us an email!
Incontinence: Leaky Bladder Syndrome
Breast Cancer Rehab
GERD - Can PT/OT help?
Understanding Shin Splints
Hima Dalal & Vital Energy
Breast Cancer & Integrative Therapy
Vocal Chord Dysfunction
Back Pain in Children 2
Crohn's Disease
Throwback to Wellness Concert
Productive Aging
Understanding Gout
Lyme Disease & Integrative Therapy
Senator McLeod & Hima Dalal, OTR
The Power of Being Inside You
Patient testimonial from an athlete
Power of H2O
Understanding CRPS
Understanding Lupus
Heart Health
Runners Health Tips
The Stretch
Joint Replacements
Understanding MS
MS & Therapy
MS & Therapy
Vocal Chords & O.T.
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