Women's Services

At Vital Energy, we recognize that women may have specialized needs for issues pertaining only to women. 

womens health issues

  • ​Pre and Postpartum Program


  • Urinary Incontinence Program


  • Pelvic Pain Program

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Osteoporosis Program



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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

This condition includes a group of disorders that causes abnormalities of bowel storage and emptying. More commonly, it is the inability to control the muscles in your prelvic floor to have a bowel movement. Traumatic injuries to the pelvic area, such as an accident or complications from vaginal childbirth can contribute to this condition. 

Treatment Methods:

  • Manual Therapy

  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger Point Release

  • Craniosacral Therapy​

  • Comprehensive home exercise program

Urinary and Bowel Incontinence Program

Anti-incontinence exercises are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that hold the bladder in place). These muscles are also called the levator ani muscles. They are named levator muscles because they hold (elevate) the pelvic organs in their proper place. When the levator muscles weaken, the pelvic organs move out of their normal place (prolapse), and stress incontinence results. Physical therapy is usually the first step to treat stress incontinence caused by weakened pelvic muscles. If aggressive physical therapy does not work, surgery may be necessary.

There are special exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Exercises can be done alone or with vaginal cones, biofeedback therapy, or electrical stimulation. In general, exercise is a safe and effective treatment that should be used first to treat urge and mixed incontinence.

  • Stress, Urge, and Mixed Incontinence

  • Incomplete Emptying, Retention Issues

  • Constipation

  • Fecal Incontinence

  • Overactive/Underactive Bladder

  • Nocturia

  • Urinary Urgency/Frequency

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Post-Micturition Dribble

Breast Cancer Prehab & Rehab

We offer a prescribed exercise regimen for anyone that is battling cancer or is a cancer survivor.  Research has shown that physical therapy for cancer has helped to address symptoms, reduce pain, and side effects from the treatment.  Patients with cancer and cancer survivors that exercise have shown an improvement in their quality of life, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, physical conditioning, fatigue, and physiology.  


Whether you are alleviating symptoms, reducing pain, or increasing your strength level, our trained clinicians are here to help all patients with cancer meet their particular needs and to answer any questions. 


We see patients that have the following:

  • Impaired motion

  • Scar tissue

  • Fatigue

  • Pain management

  • Endurance problems

  • Reduced muscle strength

  • Balance problems

  • Chronic pain


Our trained clinicians will help patients with cancer and cancer survivors:

  • Restore and regain function

  • Regain balance

  • Control pain

  • Reduce swelling

  • Start a strength training program

Bone Health & Osteoporosis Rehab

Pre & Postpartum Program

The pelvic floor and abdominal muscles go through a lot before, during, and after pregnancy and will affect the way you move throughout the day.

Start your pregnancy off on the right foot! You will get the tools you need for flexibility, posture, weight loss, and lifestyle changes as you begin the journey to conception. Your program will also address any nagging aches and pains so that you can have a great pregnancy experience!


Our therapists will teach you how to prepare your body for delivery through massage to the perineum and guide you through choosing the best positions for your birthing plan using biofeedback. Biofeedback can tell us the lowest tone of your muscles, which may promote a more successful delivery. Along the way, aches and pains can pop up as your body goes through its course of changes, so you can make certain your program will address these as well.

We want you to get your body back and return to all the things you love to do! Flexibility, posture, specified exercise instruction, how to lift and move with your baby, and how to get back to your previous fitness routines will be your program’s focus. Our goal is to get your core and body back as quickly as possible and address any diastasis of the linea alba, or separation of your abdominal muscles. Get moving!